What You Need To Know About Wart Removal Through Electrocautery

Among the numerous skin ailments that recur and prove to be pestering even while there is less risk of long term harm to health, warts get a special mention. They are the outcome of HPV infection and affect skin areas like legs and neck. The ugly bumps on skin caused by the virus can also be painful and causes uneasiness and mars appearance of the victims. Warts can be treated in many ways but not all methods are effective on treating all variants, as it is.

Why use Electrocautery?

If not treated in the right way, the risk of recurrence of warts remains high. For removing certain types of warts and especially genital warts the OTC medications may not be very useful. To help the victims get rid of such warts effectively, doctors recommend using electrocautery for wart.

In this process, warts are eliminated from skin surface by using heat from electricity. A needle is made hot by application of electricity and the wart is removed by its application on affected skin part. The same process can be used to eliminate other skin growths too. In the process, you do not face risk of getting electrocuted as such. Low voltage electric probe is used in the treatment.

What else you need to know

In most cases, the warts are eliminated after application of Electrocautery. There can be a wound after it is applied but healing is fast in most cases. However, larger warts may require longer healing time. The wound usually does not need much medication application to heal.

While the efficacy of removing wart through this process is high, you must remember this is not a permanent solution for wart elimination. Even after removal of warts through Electrocautery- chances of recurrence later cannot be ruled out. This process is usually not used for application on facial skin.

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