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Depression is not the soul’s annihilation; men and women who have recovered from the disease-and they are countless – bear witness to what is probably its only saving grace: it is conquerable.

-William Styron, Darkness Invisible

Depression is a “key disease” for internists and other nonpsychiatric physicians because it is the most common medical diagnosis in primary care settings-surpassed only by hypertension in some populations-and because most patients who are depressed initially seek treatment from their primary care physicians. Although progress has been made in helping the primary care practitioner recognize and treat depression, the ongoing need for improvement in this area has been demonstrated in numerous studies conducted in practice settings. The diagnosis of depression is still frequently missed, and even when it is recognized, treatment is often inadequate or not given at all. This is a sad irony at a time when a wide range of pharmacologic and psychological treatments has been empirically demonstrated to be effective.

Depression is not something you can just “snap out of.” It’s caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, along with other factors. Like any serious medical condition, depression needs to be treated.

thedepressiontreatment.com offers information, to help you get the facts and learn how to manage depression, clinically known as major depressive disorder. The availability of good, factual information is important in helping millions of people affected by depression to understand that they are not alone, that help is available, and that they can feel better!

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